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Devaland is a leading manuscript LaTeX typesetting service provider.

We offer low cost and high-quality LaTeX typesetting for handwritten manuscripts, proudly serving many Authors and Publishers from all around the world.

Let's keep it simple: Our price is only $5.00 USD per manuscript page.

Please contact us at with more details about your typesetting requirements.

We will be happy to give you a no-obligation quote as soon as possible.

We acknowledge your inquiries receipt within 24 hours.
But if you don’t hear from us please resend your email since it may be lost in the cyberspace.

Or contact us by using our Skype ID: devaland.

We offer also Web Automation Testing using Selenium Webdriver with Python and Java.

We look forward to serve you.

Thank you for choosing Devaland LaTeX Typesetting!